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Drain & Pipe Relining Newcastle

Do you have cracked, damaged or separated drains that are in desperate need of repair? Drain relining is the long-term and affordable solution for repairing your drains and sewers without the digging. Forget costly and inconvenient excavation that disrupts your home or business and leaves the surrounding area a mess. At Hunter Eco Plumbing, we can have our experienced and qualified plumbers on the scene to reline your existing pipework normally within a couple of hours, depending on the size of the job.

The experts in drain relining, Hunter Eco Plumbing, use a highly effective trenchless method and state of the art equipment to reline and install new pipes within the old pipes. How does it work? First, we use CCTV to inspect the existing damaged drains. Next, the pipes are cleaned and prepared for relining using high-pressure water jets. After the reliner is filled with resin and a deflated bladder inserted into the liner, it is then inserted into the existing damaged pipe. The bladder then inflates the liner to form the shape of the new pipe, creating a new pipe within the old one. Lastly, the resin cures to make the new pipe permanent and the bladder is removed to allow for the immediate use of the pipe.

From storm water drains to sewage lines, Hunter Eco Plumbing can assist with domestic, commercial, and industrial jobs of all sizes. Our relining technology can be applied to pipe diameters ranging from 40mm to 300mm and its flexibility ensures it can fit to and reline:

  • Pipes of all lengths
  • Multiple bends
  • Boundary traps
  • Create junction repair

Cheaper than drain system replacement, drain relining is the smart solution for all your drain repair needs. Our fully licensed and qualified plumbers are committed to delivering quality service with all work fully guaranteed, ensuring you have peace of mind when you choose Hunter Eco Plumbing.  

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